Marriage Visa Interviews

It is common to have lawyers in marriage visa interviews. The interview process is unusual and most people are not comfortable being interviewed by government officers.

If the attorney prepared the case, all good lawyers will attend the interview with their clients and will prepare both clients for the interview.

A good lawyer will also make sure that his or her clients tell the truth, including the disclosure of any potential negative information. Good lawyers will also assist in identifying any negative issues or information and be ready to handle the issue.

Generally, lawyers assist in the overall approach to how the interview should go. USCIS will have about 40 minutes or less to make a decision as to whether it is a bone fide marriage. In that short period of time, good immigration lawyers will try to get the clients to divulge all of the information that is being asked, fully and truthfully.

Most lawyers are not going to file a case that is going to be denied. Often, there is information forth coming in that is either insufficient or points to a marriage that is not bona fide, but you have to be truthful.

Part of getting clients ready for the interview is helping them analyze the types of questions that they might be asked so that they can start thinking about their answers. The overall strategy will be presented to the attorney in preparing their application that includes all evidence that will be submitted, addressing of any issues that they might have in their specific situations.

There are many possible questions that an immigration officer may ask about your marriage and relationship during the interview and thorough preparation with your immigration lawyer is very important to ensure the best possible outcome.

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