Creating sound strategies from nonimmigrant to Employment-Based Immigration

The most valuable employees are often those who have been with the company the longest.

Foreign nationals working in the U.S. under temporary employment visas are no exception. When a company determines that it needs such a worker on a permanent basis, it must determine the most successful PERM strategy to use. To hear more, contact an experienced business immigration lawyer at the law firm of Philip Levin & Associates, Prof. Corp.

Nonimmigrant work visas are finite in duration meaning an employee must return to his or her home country at its termination.  Employers seeking to retain their investments in foreign national employees can seek to make his or her status in the U.S. permanent through the U.S. Department of Labor’s PERM process (ETA-9089).  Our experience with employment-based immigration and permanent residence can promote your company’s workforce stability and save your Human Resources

department a great deal of trouble. With an exclusive focus on immigration law, the attorneys of Philip Levin & Associates, Prof. Corp. have substantial experience advising and assisting California employers with the entry and retention of foreign employees. We can help you apply to adjust status from nonimmigrant to immigrant by engaging the PERM procedures for establishing eligibility for permanent residence through employment.

Your Company Can Benefit From Our PERM Labor Certification Experience

PL&A will identify the appropriate employment-based preference category for your employee. We will also advise you about the availability of a national interest waiver for employees with advanced degrees or those with exceptional ability in such fields as medicine, medical or defense technology, communications, science or the arts.

To obtain lawful residence (a green card) through the PERM process, our office will assist you in preparing the PERM Labor Certification application, employment petition, and adjustment of status application. Our attorneys help you through the complicated maze of this regulation-based process. Philip Levin & Associates has experience in assisting employers through the complex issues that may arise, including successor-in-interest cases due to a company merger, relocation of employees, etc. For employees, our attorneys are skilled in identifying issues that may cause difficulties in the latter stages of a case.  To learn how your company and employees can benefit from the advantages of permanent residence through employment and labor certification, contact an immigration attorney at Philip Levin & Associates, Prof. Corp.