“Mr. Levin was suggested to us by someone we were working with and after looking at other options and speaking with him and Annina we decided they were our best bet and are very happy with everything. They are helpful, experienced, personable and always reachable. Our case is that I am American and married a Spaniard from Seville and decided to return to the states after almost 20 years.

The whole process seemed overwhelming but went really smoothly. Any doubts we had were answered quickly – they were always realistic which for me was really important. There were no surprises at all and everything went smoothly despite having to do everything from Spain. I highly recommend this firm. Thank you all so very much.”

– Amber, Antonio and Tess

“We would highly recommend Philip Levin & Associates for any immigration issue. When I first looked for an immigration lawyer I was referred to Mr. Levin as “the best” in San Francisco. Even though our case was not complicated, you still don’t want to take any chances when it comes to immigration. During the AOS, we always felt we were being helped by a very professional and experienced team. His descriptions and answers for the process where always very honest and accurate. Everything happened within the time Mr. Levin said they were going to happen. We always felt they cared about our case, quick responses, the best attitude, always on top of our case. I left with the impression that there is no immigration situation Philip Levin & Associates cannot find a way to resolve.”

– CC and DL

“Dear Mr. Levin:

Rachel and I wish to express our utmost gratitude for your legal services in representing Rachel during her endeavor for her U.S. Naturalization.  In the course of this sensitive undertaking you and your staff provided exemplary service.  In light of the complexity of the case, the good advice you provided which directed the successful course of this case was very well handled.  Rachel felt very secure in your managing her situation and in making yourself available at all times and especially at the most critical point of the case.

We understood from the outset that this case would be quite unusual and unique for any legal office to handle, but when we presented the case, you nevertheless accepted the challenge and subsequently produced a triumphant outcome. If it wasn’t for you and your staff, Rachel would not have obtained her naturalization.  For this we thank you very much.

We were extremely satisfied with the type and level of service you provided and should anyone approach us in the future with an immigration problem or issue, we will not hesitate to recommend your office to serve as their legal counsel.

Once again, thank you for your diligent effort and success in making Rachel a Naturalized Citizen.  Most importantly, we gained a true friend. Thank you Philip!


RML and JL

“I worked with Philip Levin on my naturalization and an adjustment of status for a family member. Thanks to their thorough preparation, both processes went very smoothly. I was very happy with the service, and would not hesitate to recommend Philip Levin and his associates to anyone dealing with immigration issues.”  

– AD

“We would like to express our deepest appreciation for Philip Levin and his extraordinary team at Philip Levin & Associates. Philip guided us through our rather complicated case with concise expertise and we were meticulously advised every step of the way. After a couple of meetings with both Philip Levin and Don Pangilinan, we followed and adhered to Mr. Levin’s guidelines as he navigated us masterfully through the murky waters of immigration law. We’ve received clear outlines of all the material that needed to be submitted and received reminders in case we missed something.

Mr. Levin was readily available on the phone whenever we had a question or needed additional information, facilitating everything greatly. Our desired outcome was executed in such a competent fashion and clinical precision that we highly recommend Mr. Levin and his law firm as they truly offer the entire package. In fact, we’ve dealt with other immigration firms before, but only Levin & Associates delivered our desired outcome. In doing so, they went above and beyond with the services they offer. We thank everyone involved for a job well done. You truly outdid yourselves.”

– GT and KB

“When I met my girlfriend, she was going through INS for her green card but her attorney in Los Angeles had, well , just screwed things up. As a couple, we changed attorneys and hired Mr. Levin from a referral. He was able to fix all the problems the other attorney created. This task was not easy but Mr. Levin took on ICE in Immigration Court. Yes, there were many delays but he stuck with it and got everything approved.

He did such a nice job that we also hired him to reunite my wife and her son in China to come to live here in the USA with us. Mr. Levin was very patient with us as well as dealing with the U.S Embassy. Mr. Levin was very professional the whole time and kept us informed as to each step and how long each response would take to get an answer back.

Thank you so much Mr. Levin. Our family is complete now.”

– TG and YY

“. . . I hired 3 immigration lawyers before I hired Philip Levin. Philip was methodical, caring and communicative the entire way and made the ordeal of dealing with the INS a lot easier. He was successful in getting my permanent residency and eventually help me though the citizenship process. Through the whole process he was fair and smart.”

– SA

“. . . Please let me thank you [Don L. Pangilinan] again for your assistance in this long process, it has been a pleasure working with you and I certainly appreciate very much all your efforts, now and then, you were involved at the beginning when things were not so easy so you deserve the credit!”

– AM

“There is no one we would trust more than you, Don, for your skills, professionalism, and personal attention to detail, so we are always ready to offer your contact details at the first mention of visas or immigration! (And yes, you can quote us on that!)”

– ET

“My family and I are very happy and satisfied clients of Philip Levin & Associates. We have known Mr. Levin since 1981. This law firm has helped me acquire my immigrant status and eventually my U.S. citizenship. It was Mr. Levin who took care of my case and personally went with me when I interviewed for my citizenship. I have recommended his law firm to all of my relatives, friends, and friends of friends who have faced immigration problems. Each and every one of those that talked with him and his associates (even for just a consultation) were all very impressed with the way they conducted business.

Philip and his associates are very professional and they leave no stone unturned in finding the best solution to tackle immigration issues.

I have recommended and will continue to recommend Philip Levin & Associates to anyone who is facing immigration issues. They are very knowledgeable, efficient, professional, affordable, but most importantly, they deliver 100%.” 


“Philip Levin & Associates score high points on professionalism, work ethics, and responsiveness. Our experience with them has been an excellent one. They have an unequivocal expertise in US Immigration Law. We give them our highest recommendation.” 


“I would like to thank Philip Levin & Associates for all the assistance that they have provided me during my process of getting the J1 and H1-B visa. Your expertise and help have been invaluable during this process. I appreciate the attention that was given to me and how quickly everything was done. I absolutely recommend their services.” 


“I would like to acknowledge Philip Levin & Associates for their expertise and experience. I highly appreciate all the things they did for us. If someone were to ask me for a referral, I would definitely refer to Philip Levin & Associates as the one and only on my list.” 


“My case had encountered problems when I was with a couple attorneys before Mr. Levin. During my permanent resident application with the previous attorney, I received a letter of “Notice of Intent to Deny” for my case. I was asked to provide supporting documents. However, my previous attorney wasn’t able to do anything. I consulted Mr. Philip M. Levin about my case and he was able to help me gather supporting documents for my case. Within a couple months, I was able to get the most important stage cleared. Since then, I have asked Mr. Levin to take over my case. Everything went well and I successfully received my permanent resident card last year. I highly recommend Mr. Levin to take your case. You will be safe with him.”


Matrix Technologies specializes in the design and validation of control systems for the biotech industry in the SF Bay Area. As the President of Matrix I have worked with Levin & Associates for over ten years and have been very happy with his services. With every new case I do not have to bring Mr. Philip Levin up to speed with what we do. He understands our business. He has provided excellent guidance to help us navigate the intricacies of recruiting, hiring and retaining non-citizen engineers.”


“On behalf of Kim Son Monastery, I would like to take this opportunity to express my great appreciation of Philip Levin & Associates. As a U.S. Immigration and Nationality Law Office, you carried out your responsibilities in a professional, friendly, organized, and enthusiastic manner. I would highly recommend your business to all of my co-religionists. Many thanks.”

– TT

“I think the services offered were well worth the money as the results have always been positive. We have used this law firm for the last 8 years and have always been successful. Every member of my family has been able to benefit from their services. Although the prices are somewhat on the high side, “you get what you pay for,” as the saying goes. I would definitely recommend them to others. Thanks!” 


“We had talked to many lawyers before finding Mr. Philip M. Levin, whom we immediately felt we could trust. He was not only knowledgeable and professional, but he would address each issue of our often-complicated case with directness and clarity. We were well-informed every step of the way and were sent e-mail reminders (!) ahead of approaching deadlines. We appreciate the expediency and courtesy with which he and his staff handled our case so I would not hesitate a moment to recommend his services to our friends and family.” 


“It was a pleasure to work with Philip Levin & Associates for the last few years on my own process to obtain permanent resident status as well as in a number of L1 visa applications for our employees. Mr. Levin and his colleagues are extremely dedicated and professional. I was most impressed with how meticulously they approached each and every document and how precisely they covered all requirements. Once they take a case they are the driving force behind it and they do everything to get it done as quickly as possible.” 


“We would highly recommend Philip M. Levin for anyone needing counsel and guidance regarding immigration. He made the onerous and potentially overwhelming task of obtaining a green card explicit, straightforward, and manageable. His advice was clear and concise, and either he or his associates were readily available when we had questions. He walked us though each step of the process and everything seemed to go very smoothly and exactly how he had told us it would. In addition to being a consummate professional, he’s also very personable and a great storyteller.” 

EC and MC

“Philip Levin & Associates represented us during my wife’s immigration from the Netherlands. After three short years she became a U.S. citizen in September 2008. Through the extraordinary professionalism of Mr. Levin and his staff, their representation was of the highest caliber. What could have easily been a stressful process quickly transformed into an experience of clarity and success due to their in-depth knowledge of immigration law. Since then I have referred several people to Mr. Philip Levin, including my daughter who married an Englishman. In each and every case Mr. Levin’s services received the highest praise, and both he and his staff deserve accolades for exemplary service. Both my wife and I wholeheartedly recommend Philip Levin & Associates to anyone seeking the best possible representation with regards to immigration compliance and representation.”

JR and SR

“When, together with my wife, I made the decision to stay in the US and needed to understand and work on my legal status I was told to look for professional help at Philip Levin & Associates. And this recommendation did not come from a random web site or newspaper but from a highly respected immigration attorney who was taking care of my case but needed to take a long break from work. I still remember her words: “they are very competent and extremely honest”. Those words couldn’t be more accurate.

Since the very first meeting with Philip Levin and Don Pangalinan to the last interview with an INCIS officer, my wife and I felt that our immigration process was being taken care by professionals who not only are competent in what they do but also really good people. And I cannot emphasize enough how important it is. What they did for us went way beyond achieving our objective which was to get a work based green card for me and my wife. They understood our fears and frustrations, answered our never ending questions, and personally worked with us to surpass any obstacle on our way. During the whole process, Don Pangalinan stand by our side, always patient, always professional, always ready to share his knowledge and insights with us. He is a prepared professional, very accurate in his statements and never let us down. The green card process can be stressful and complicated but having Don with us in this journey made everything clear and as stress-free as possible.”


“We had a challenging case as we have been transferring our visa status from student visa to E-2 visa and finally to a green card. We have been working with Mr. Levin for the past 12 years and when we wanted to transfer our visa status to a “Green Card”, my wife and I had no doubt that we should ask Mr. Levin for assistance

From the first of several meetings, Mr. Levin made it very clear that transferring our visa status can be a challenge however, he was prepared with his knowledge and experience with past similar cases. He framed a structure around the case to clearly move us in the right direction and was very open and transparent on the challenges ahead. He researched multiple strongholds for our case and kept analyzing these potential strongholds until it became clear that we had enough evidence for a strong case

With his expertise and knowledge and persistent communication we have been able to close our case ahead of anticipated date and received our Green Cards earlier this year. It took us less than a year from initial conversations to fruition

I must say I was very happy throughout the process – his expertise in the legal immigration field is very knowledgeable and he brings this to the table if you are seeking all kinds of legal advice. No doubt that Mr. Levin can help even more challenging cases to succeed

I encourage potential clients to schedule a meeting and see for yourself if his expertise can help you.

Philip – Yumi and I wanted to thank you very much for all your help we are now on a new journey ahead.”

Thomas Odermatt
Founder CEO RoliRoti

“Philip Levin and Associates, through their intimate understanding of the process and system, made our entire experience smooth and without stress. Apart from being exceptionally detail oriented, comprehensive, and knowledgeable, the team was most attentive and a pleasure to work with throughout the process. We wholeheartedly recommend them without exception.

Thanks again for all your help.”


“Dear Atty. Philip Levin and Atty. Don Pangilinan:

My sincere gratitude to the hard work and dedication of the great team of Philip Levin and Associates. I can’t describe how members of my family and I felt specially my mother. Grateful, elated and jubilation are just few descriptions but no word to match. After so many years the long awaited moment has come and endured.

To all personnel of Philip Levin and Associates , Thank You for everything and more power!”


“We thank you Mr. Levin, for being so helpful with our case.

Our relation with Philip Levin started on April 2009. From the first day on, all our concerns and our calls were always treated with the outmost speed and care. Mr. Levin kept us inform on the progress of our case, from the first application for a temporary green card, then the permanent green card and finally for the application for citizenship.

We will and we would recommend the services of Mr. Levin to whoever might need the same diligent care.”

Dominique and Alex D

“Philip M. Levin & Associates are the most professional, helpful and caring law firm we could have ever hoped for! Their guidance through our anxious time made the entire process more comforting. They were reliable, dependable and, most importantly, honest with us from the very beginning. Philip M. Levin is a true professional. He always treated us as if we were his most important clients as well as best of friends. He answered our questions accurately and completed our paperwork promptly.” 

TH and RH

“We are very happy with the service that Don L. Pangilinan from Philip M. Levin & Associates provided. He was able to answer all of our questions with professionalism, experience, honesty, and sincerity. Estimations for times and dates proved to be accurate time and time again. It took us less than 6 months to get my wife a K-1 visa, from the day we hired Mr. Pangilinan until the day she had the visa in her hands. I have already recommended this organization to a friend.”

– JO and PO

“I completely trust Philip M. Levin and Don L. Pangilinan when it comes to my visas-I had a rather complicated case but they took care of everything. I don’t think I would still be in the US if it weren’t for them. Not only are they very professional and efficient, they have also been supportive and understanding. I greatly recommend them to anybody who would like peace of mind in dealing with immigration issues.”


“Imagine living in a foreign land without anyone you can trust. Strangers can take advantage of your ignorance and professionals in several companies are out to rob your money legally. I’ve heard of many horror stories about law firms making beautiful promises of sure success to Filipinos in the United States, but those promises have turned into nightmares, leaving their helpless victims depressed and financially scrapped.

I didn’t want to fall into that trap. I wanted every cent of my hard earned money to be spent in a worthwhile way. I first heard of Philip Levin & Associates in 2000. I had just finished doing an on-the-job training. I wanted to pursue a career in hospitality without legal trouble.

I heard that their legal firm had an outstanding track record of representing its clients successfully and I wanted to be part of that roster albeit reluctantly. You can’t blame me for not putting my complete trust in a firm alien to me. Bad memories of people I know that had been victimized by broken promises lingered in my mind. To my pleasant surprise, however, Philip Levin & Associates (Grace R. Alano in particular) exceeded my expectations. It handed me the work permit just when I needed it. And that signaled the start of a beautiful relationship.

The law firm again did not fail me when it worked on the immigration papers of my parents who I wanted to come to the U.S. so they could watch my only son grow up. They’re in San Francisco now aging gracefully, free of legal hassles. Philip Levin & Associates not only delivered beautiful promises, they nurtured beautiful relationships. I don’t treat people behind Philip Levin & Associates as legal experts, I treat them as family.” 


“I would like to thank Philip Levin & Associates for all the assistance that you have provided me during my process of getting the J1 and H1B visa. Your expertise and help have been invaluable during this process. I appreciate the attention that was given to me and how quickly everything was done. I absolutely recommend your services.” 


“Philip Levin & Associates was recommended to me by two different persons whose difficult cases had been handled with care and success. Similarly, I was pleased with the timeliness and the efforts that were put in getting my H1-B visa accepted. More than a case, I was a client. Mr. Don L. Pangilinan took the time to know my Company, my story, and was always there to answer my questions in regards to the process.” 


“We are very happy with the service that Don L. Pangilinan from Philip M. Levin and Associates provided. He was able to answer all of our questions with professionalism, experience, honesty, and sincerity. Estimations for times and dates proved to be accurate time and time again. It took us less than 6 months to get my wife a K-1 visa, from the day we hired Mr. Pangilinan until the day she had the visa in her hands. I have already recommended this organization to a friend.” 


“Throughout my immigration case it was clear my husband and I were in capable hands. My complex case was handled expertly at every step by knowledgeable, compassionate attorneys who relentlessly built the strongest case possible. We were lucky to have found them. We came through the experience with our sanity intact; Grace R. Alano’s patience and wisdom made every step of the way easier.” 


“I would like to thank Philip Levin & Associates for their outstanding work in assisting my mother in expediting my sister and her children’s petition in the U.S. My mother has worked with another attorney in the past who is famous in the Philippines and that experience in itself was not worth the headache. He demanded too much money and the administrative support in the L.A. office was not only unprofessional but irresponsive. Their firm delivered top-notch customer service. They know immigration inside and out. I want to thank them again for their assistance! My family is whole again. I will definitely recommend Philip Levin & Associates to my friends and co-workers.” 


“My family was very satisfied with the legal services provided by Philip Levin & Associates in the processing of our immigration papers, particularly in the case of our two children who were already over 21-years-old at the time our visas were granted in October 2008. They were covered by the Child Security Protection Act through the efforts of Attorney Philip M. Levin & Associates. Attorney Grace R. Alano was always responsive in every e-mail I sent for follow-ups, queries and advice. We are very happy our family is all together now.” 


“When I was looking for an immigration firm, my first instinct was to look through the internet as I was comfortable with using the computer. Also, I was looking for a law firm that is accessible via the public transportation and that I would not go as far as San Francisco to consult. Most immigration firms are based in San Francisco, as I would learn, while doing my internet search. Then I found the P. Levin and Associates website. I was impressed with the website and as I read the testimonials, I became more convinced to set up the appointment more so that they have an office in Santa Clara. And the rest is history so to speak. I met up with Don and he has been wonderful, professional, detailed and helpful. It was also a significant factor for me that he has Filipino blood running in his vein though he was born here in the US.

It has been a challenging journey especially since I was dealing with a criminal case at that time and Don made it a point to coordinate with my criminal lawyer. He was most helpful not only with my immigration case but with my criminal case as well.

It was also a pleasure working with the rest of the staff (Christian and Eshonna) to make sure that all our (my husband’s and I’s) documents are complete and in order.

I was warned from one of the testimonies that the firm is a little bit on the expensive side but my policy is that I would rather invest on my future and be secured in knowing that P. Levin and Associates will watch out for me and cover my back. In the end, it was worth it. My husband and I are forever grateful.”

S and L

“Sir Levin incarnates the best you can expect from a lawyer: a great listener, an excellent sense of communication, honest, extremely professional and fast, plus a big sense of humor. Frank and honest, he introduced me at the first interview to a fair and complete picture of the procedure to be undertaken. He has more than 20 years of experience in the immigration field and you experience it. As a great listener, he perfectly knows your case, he is always there to answer to any of the questions you may have. You feel he is with you at 200%. I’ll never have enough words to say how happy and entirely satisfied for his legal services.”


“Philip Levin & Associates is highly recommended for any immigration cases. My mother and I would never be able to be together if it had not been for Sir Levin assistance. Philip Levin & Associates provided the best service and professional preparation for the clients. He possesses the essential attributes that one can possibly ask for in a lawyer: a great listener and a dedicated helper. I am genuinely satisfied with the service and it is a pleasure to work with Sir Levin.”

NH-S and L

“We had the pleasure of working with Phil Levin & Associates as a result of a recommendation that we received.

They handled my husband’s immigration case with honesty and professionalism.  From the beginning, they made us feel comfortable and helped ease our stress about the process. They also did a great job preparing us for the interview and managing our expectations regarding processing time.

We could tell we were in good hands by how knowledgeable and on top of everything they were.  Their response time was really fast (we mainly corresponded via email), and they followed up on everything.  We wouldn’t hesitate to wholeheartedly recommend them.”

AL and MB

“Philip Levin helped us with an unusual case, in which my previous green card which was had and used for 20+ years was found to be invalid after an attempt to obtain a new one due to its wear/persuasion from US customs agents during travel.

Our process with Philip was methodical and timely, according to plan. The entire staff was always accommodating and responsive to our questions and concerns. The resolution of our case was favorable and life is again a little simpler.

Thank you once again for your help.”

BJ and JF

These testimonials or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.